Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recipes I Can't Wait to Try #30

It's Wednesday!  It's Wednesday!  Hip, hip, hooray!!!  Today, I'm begging for forgiveness.  :-/  I haven't posted a new recipe in a LONG time.  On top of that, I haven't commented on any of last week's recipes.  :-(  True confessions...I'm trying to decide on the direction that I want to take this blog.  I have completely changed the way I eat and cook since I started this blog.  We are eating all organic and many more fruits and vegetables than we used to.  I'm still baking, just not as often as I was.  I've also become very interested in natural remedies.  So help me out...what do y'all want to see on this blog?  Are y'all cool with this blog becoming a little more ADD?   Please let me know!

Anyway, moving on to this week's Recipe I Can't Wait to Try!  I love cookie dough....a lot.  There was a time that my sis-in-law and I used to say we were going to make cookies and we would eat half of the dough before we had the chance to bake them.  We used to joke that we should never be pregnant at the same time because we would eat cookie dough 24/7 together.  Thankfully, when we were pregnant at the same time we didn't live close enough to each other to make pigs of ourselves.  =)  So when I saw Cookie Dough Brownies from Pinch of This, That & the Other my mind was made up.

Photo is property of Pinch of This, That & the Other

Cookie Dough Brownies from Pinch of This, That & the Other

Now let's see some Recipes I Can't Wait to Try!  Link up your yummy recipes & fun crafts!  My request is that you please link back to me in some way and say, "Hi!" to another party goer!  Everyone loves getting a new comment, so show some love!  =)  Also, this week I've made it a blog hop, so feel free to add it to your own blog.  Enjoy!

If you were featured, feel free (but not pressured) [=)] to grab my button!

If you are participating in the linky party and would like to sport the Recipes I Can't Wait to Try button on your blog, here you go!

Recipes I Can't Wait to Try:


  1. Yay! I'm the first one! I've always wanted to be the first to link up on a party!

    I'm linked up my Frosted Cashew Cookies! They are so tasty, you would love them!! Thanks for hosting another great blog hop :)

  2. Thanks so much for the feature. I promise that recipe will not disappoint it was amazing!

  3. Hi,

    Im ur follower!

    Great site, love the posts!

    Do visit my blog too at

  4. Hi Haley,
    Glad to be here again.I brought my Buttery Bar.Thanks for hosting

  5. I was reading your comments on how you are eating healthier and more organic these days. In our house we are big in organic foods, natural remedies and healthy meals. Of course, I seem to find that no one wants to see those on my blog. I love sweets and love to bake but am trying to do much better with feeding my family healthier. I personally would LOVE to see a blog with more healthy foods as I feel most of them out there are really all about sweets, mine included. So you have my vote for seeing new healthier things! =)

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