Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday's Random Thoughts & Confessions

It's Friday!  Do the happy dance!!!!  Here's my random thoughts and confessions for the day that have nothing to do with the purpose of my blog.

  1. Apparently I didn't get Hannah's breakfast fast enough this morning.  She was on a scavenger hunt under the kitchen table.  Ew.  *Note to self* Start sweeping at night instead of first thing in the morning.  
  2. We are so crazy busy this weekend!  It's going to be great...but BUSY!
  3. Friday is my favorite day!  I get to spend two whole days with my amazing husband after Friday.  Soooo grateful for him!
  4. Have I mentioned that my husband is AMAZING lately?  ;-)  The other night I crashed hard on the couch.  Instead of waking me up, he got the kids in bed and then cleaned the kitchen.  Only woke me up to go to bed.  I <3 that man!
  5. I need to go to Whole Foods today.  Nathan is not happy about it though.  He wants to go to a grocery store with the little carts that he can push.  Hey Whole you think you can deliver that?  For my own sanity, I would really appreciate it.
  6. "They" say babies typically come in 3's. (Who is "they"?)  I learned of 2 new expectant mom's this week.  Who's next?  (Won't be me!) ;-)   
  7. The weather's warming up and I'm getting ready to dust off my scuba gear!!!
  8. I still haven't posted a new recipe!  I'm so sorry.  It will happen...I promise!
Here's another of one of my classic rock favs:

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  1. Can I borrow your hubby to come clean my kitchen?! LOL j/k That's so sweet of him!

    3 of my friends are preggo...1 due in July with a girl, 1 due in October, and 1 due in November (with TWINS!)!!

    Have a fab weekend Haley!



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