Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heal Ear Infections...The Natural Way

Several weeks back, I mentioned that I have become VERY interested in natural living topics and expanding At Home With Haley to include some of them.  Don't worry, I'm not cutting out sugar in my recipes...yet. ;-)  I'm happy to say that this is my first post to introduce a natural remedy.  I'm so excited to share with you the natural way to heal ear infections.  I am a regular reader at Mommypotamus.  Heather has a wonderful blog and talks all about natural living.  Back in February, she hosted a guest post by Katja Swift, a clinical herbalist, called Spice Rack Remedies for Cold & Flu Season.  I can honestly say that this is when I became a believer in "Spice Rack Remedies".  The very next night after I read that blog post, my 4 year old, Nathan, woke up crying in his bed.  I went to check on him and brought him into my bedroom when he told me that his ear hurt.  Automatically, I got up in search for the pain killer meds.  Wouldn't you know we were out?!  That kind of stuff only happens when you really need it.  I then remembered seeing this in the article on Mommypotamus, written by Katja Swift:

"As a child, I was particularly prone to ear infections, but no one figured out that I have a dairy allergy until I was an adult. If your child has recurrent ear infections, make sure to consider eliminating dairy products, or gluten, or both – they are often the root of the problem.
But whatever the cause, my favorite remedy is something you probably already have in your kitchen: Onion! Slice an onion in rings about 3/4 of an inch thick. Sauté lightly in olive oil, until it’s hot all the way through and softening. Wrap the onion slice in a clean soft cloth and lay it on the ear like a heating pad – be sure to test the heat first so that little ears don’t burn.
Why does it work? The sulfur in the onion is carried into the ear via the steam, and kills the infection. Also, the heat is soothing, especially when the infection is painful. Always treat both ears, as ear infections can travel back and forth between ears via the interior canals. Repeat as often as necessary – I usually find that doing this every few hours for a day is enough to end the infection altogether."

How cool is that?!  So I marched myself into the kitchen and started slicing onions.  I then remembered reading once before that garlic is a natural, I chopped a clove up and threw that in the pan as well.  Within minutes of placing the cloth with the onions and garlic inside on Nathan's ear, he stopped crying.  =)  First thing the next morning, I made him another batch of what my sister likes to call my "Earth Mother Medicine".  If he complained of his ear hurting at all between treatments, I went ahead and made more.  As a matter of fact, he started saying, "I need my onions."  By the following day, he had no more pain and the ear infection was gone!!!  
I have used the same treatment on my other 2 children and myself with success.  Even more fun, my sister who lovingly nicknamed this as my "Earth Mother Medicine" tried it on her 5 year old who has had major problems with ear infections.  Guess what?  It worked for her too!  This remedy definitely receives 2 thumbs up from the At Home With Haley household! 

I know that my readers are the most intelligent ones out there, but...this has to be done.  I am not a doctor or in the medical profession in any form.  Our experiences are our own and I am blogging about a treatment that worked for my family and me. This particular treatment may not work for you...although I hope it does.

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  1. Wow this is interesting! That sure beats taking meds!

  2. LOVE that remedy! I use Young Living essential oils for my go to remedies, but I will definitely put this on my list and share with others! Perfect! Thanks so much!

  3. It's a nice post on the in curing the infections to the Ears which are very in a natural way to get the best result for its prevention, Thanks for sharing such an essential content.

  4. Wow! I'm so thankful, my 16 month old baby has had a cold for the past 4 days and he's beginning go pull on his ears. I'm almost sure his ears are fighting an ear infection. I'll give this a try and report on this later! Thanks



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