Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recipes I Can't Wait to Try #41

I'm late again.  I know...what else is new?  ;-)
Once of these days I'm just going to blow you off your rocker because I'm going to be early!  
I'm going to have to do a lot of grocery shopping because I'm going to need lots of ingredients to try all of the recipes you linked up last week!  Everything looked simply delicious!  Picking just one savory and one sweet is proving to be harder and harder with each week!  

Please keep praying for Baby B!  I spoke to his mom the other day and he is still doing great!  So far, he has been nausea free!!!  PTL!!!

This week's savory Recipe I Can't Wait to Try is...

Photo is property of Piece, Love, & Cooking

(Oh my word!!!)

This week's sweet Recipe I Can't Wait to Try is...

Photo is property of From Grandma Loy's Kitchen

(If you didn't believe in God before...)

Now let's see some new Recipes I Can't Wait to Try! Link up your yummy recipes & fun crafts! My request is that you please link back to me in some way and say, "Hi!" to another party goer! Everyone loves getting a new comment, so show some love! =) This is a blog hop, so feel free to add it to your own blog. By the way, some new features have been added to Linky Tools. =) I'm making the list so that the links show up randomly. In other words, even if you are the last person to link up, sometimes your recipe may be listed closer to the top of the list. Enjoy!

If you were featured, feel free (but not pressured) [=)] to grab my button!


If you are participating in the linky party and would like to sport the Recipes I Can't Wait to Try button on your blog, here you go!


Recipes I Can't Wait to Try:

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  1. Haley, how very nice of you to feature my dessert. You don't know how thrilled I am. I have had someone stop by my blog already after seeing it here. Thank you so much. I haven't yet figured out how to do the "button thing", but when I do I will come back and get mine. Thanks again.



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