Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cooking blogs I read Thursday

There are so many blogs out there.  Sometimes you come across one that just makes you smile.  I would like to start featuring some of those blogs every now and then here.  You show some love.

Mo' Betta is one of those blogs for me.  Kim at Mo' Betta is witty and real.  I think I have a blog crush on her.  She is a mommy blogger of 3 and does a great job at incorporating her entire family into her blog while still staying relevant. She has some great recipes too.  Even though I confess that I haven't tried them (but I want to), some of my favorites are:

Photo is property of Mo' Betta

Speedy Wheat Hamburger Buns

Photo is property of Mo' Betta

Cinnabon Popcorn

Photo is property of Mo' Betta

Microwave Potato Chips

When you get a chance, check her out!


  1. haha, you ROCK! This is awesome! Thank you so much *big cheesy grin*

  2. Hi.....Please visit my blog an award is waiting for you ..... :)



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