Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday's Random Thoughts / Confessions

Here's my random thoughts & confessions for the week that have nothing to do with the purpose of my blog.

  1. My oldest son, Joseph, is going to be 7 tomorrow.  Wow!!!  Boy does time fly.  I'm going to take cupcakes to his school in a few minutes.  It should be good fun.  =)
  2. Snotty noses and coughs are so gross.  I know...huge shock there.  It's just that has been my life for the last 13 days.  That's right...13.  
  3. I feel so bad because prior to this week, I haven't visited anyone's blog that has linked up on Recipes I Can't Wait to Try.  Sigh.
  4. My husband's grandfather passed away on Monday.  =*(  He and his wife were married for nearly 59 years.  It's so hard to imagine myself when James & I are married that long.  I can't imagine loosing my best friend of that long.  It's hard enough to imagine my life without James now...much less 48 years from now.  My heart goes out to his grandmother during this time.
  5. Yesterday, I went to pick Joseph up from school only to remember that he was riding the bus.  The panic on those poor teacher's faces when they couldn't find him.  I felt like such a dork.  Thankfully, I beat the bus to my house.  Can we say, "Fail!"?  

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